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With ZEBOC, you get all the teleconsulting features for free, including the ones that are restricted in the free tier of other vendors.

Seattle, Washington Apr 19, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – ZEBOC is created with a mission to help solo and small practices overcome the cost and complexity barriers to telehealth. It is developed keeping in mind the needs of solo practitioners in order to facilitate a secure and seamless transition from in-person to virtual consultation.


“In the crowded virtual care market, we saw a gap caused by small practices underserved by a space full of enterprise solutions. The current telehealth systems designed for enterprises have too many features and are expensive. So, small practices are priced out; to empower them we opted for a free business model,” said Jigar Shah, Founder, and CEO of ZEBOC.


“We don’t discriminate among our users – all are premium users. The existing free telehealth systems raise the cost of ownership for solo practitioners as they need to pay to try premium features”, he replied when asked how their model is different from the free versions offered by various brands.


ZEBOC also helps small practices overcome the barrier of complexity by making their platform easy for you to integrate into your practice. “Forcing doctors to adapt to enterprise-grade systems and processes is making doctors want to stop being doctors, and we can’t have that. We built ZEBOC to get out of the way and let doctors do what they do best,” said Jose Estrella, Chief Technology Officer of ZEBOC.


A few fast facts about ZEBOC®:


  • Instant appointment – While we don’t know if ZEBOC can fully deliver on being able to give ‘Care Anywhere’, their Instant Appointment feature seems to definitely enable ‘Care Anytime’. Two clicks get your invitation sent. Not ‘a few clicks’, two.
  • Automated voice-to-text transcription – The voice-to-text transcription feature isn’t something a lot of other platforms have. It’s very focus-sparing and lets you really focus on your patient.
  • Appointment booking website widget – Your patients can book an appointment directly from your website without coming to ZEBOC’s portal. Thus, your patient data remain yours.
  • HIPAA-compliant – ZEBOC helps your patients trust you by designing the entire workflow keeping HIPAA compliance in mind. All the calls and chats are encrypted in transport and encrypted at rest.


In addition to these super cool features, ZEBOC also has an easy-to-use dashboard, a patient-friendly waiting room, safe Stripe payment integration, and more.


“That’s not all, there are still more features in the pipeline – that would make doctors’ lives way easier,” said Amol Londhe, Product Owner and Principal Architect of ZEBOC. “Technological hurdles have exacerbated burnout among doctors. Many doctors closed their practices due to this, resulting in a shortage of doctors. My product is aimed at addressing that. I am striving hard to make the product intuitive so that doctors can focus on their craft,” he added.


To learn more about ZEBOC, Care Anywhere® and find out how they are empowering solo and small practices, visit their website: https://www.zeboc.com



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