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Updates Made To Deerfield Upright MRI Scanners For More Accurate Diagnosis

CEO of leading medical company Upright MRI of Deerfield, Dr Michael Fox, today spoke out about how the company’s amazing improvements to MRI technology will increase the number of accurate diagnoses at a faster pace and will help patients to feel at ease when attending their medical appointments.

“Many patients struggle with anxiety when facing a diagnosis. It’s understandable as they are walking into unknown territory. Our new upright scanner helps the appointments to go by faster, gives an accurate diagnosis to avoid repeat appointments and also makes the patient feel comfortable and at ease when they’re being scanned.”

How Does the Upright MRI Scanner Work?

The Upright MRI Scanner helps to keep the muscle and ligament tension natural in the neck by scanning the patient from a sitting position, which is more natural in order to highlighting the pain points.

The Upright MRI Scanner replaces the traditional lay-down method by placing the scanner around the patient while they sit on a chair in the middle.

This is more beneficial for the patient as they can gain easier access to the scanner – something that’s particularly important for the disabled or elderly, and they can feel more in control and at ease than they would have done in the more compromising laid position previously.

This has helped to ease the anxiety of many patients and remove elements of claustrophobia that they may previously have experienced.

What Does An Upright MRI Scanner Diagnose?

With the weight bearing, surround technology, the Upright MRI Scanner provides accurate results to diagnose issues and injuries to do with neck and shoulder tension.

What IS CCJ?

Cranio-cervical Joint Instability is a condition where the ligaments in the neck become loose and stretched, meaning that the neck can no longer support the head as well as it should. This can cause pain, and dizziness and can even lead to more severe effects if it’s not treated.

CCJ is typically caused as the result of an accident or trauma but could also be down to a congenital condition.

What is Chiari Malformation?

CM is the condition when the cerebellum bulges out of the skull through a natural hole at the top of the spinal canal, fusing to the spine. This can cause lots of pain and discomfort and, if not treated, could result in the loss of movement to the head and neck.

What Are The Benefits Of An Upright Scanner For a Physician?

Dr. Fox comments not just on the benefits of the upright scanner for patients, but also the massive benefits they have in regard to physicians and medical practices.

“As a medical practitioner, there are many hurdles to jump over when reaching a diagnosis. The Upright MRI Scanner is designed to help physicians have confidence in their diagnosis the first time around by presenting more accurate results and extra coding to credit more defined scans which can more easily be interpreted.

Aside from the obvious benefits of easier and faster diagnosis of patients, the upright scanners help reduce the appointment time with faster scanning capabilities and can give accurate results which allow the patients to begin treatment after just one appointment. This removes repeat trips for an MRI and frees up more appointments to diagnose more patients.

It’s also a great space saver, taking up much less floor space than a traditional scanner. There’s no downside.”

Upright MRI of Deerfield

If you’re interested in learning more about how an Upright MRI Scanner can help you and your patients, visit Upright MRI of Deerfield today at https://www.uprightmrideerfield.com/ or call 847-291-9321.

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