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Patented App Seeking Coupon Industry Companies

Los Angeles, California Apr 19, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – Based on the fact that this year groceries to consumers will rise to all-time highs and continue to grow. Wayne Merry Founder is seeking to partner/license their working patented consumer app to companies that offer consumer coupons / online offers.

The app is designed not to push or offer coupons in a mass format. The coupons paper and online are selected by each user as their preferred brands and most likely to purchase. The app store organizes and reminds the user before the expiration of the offers. A hyperlink to the user’s online stores is also available to buy right then saving trips and their time. This saves time at retail as well as the app is the go-to place on their phone and not in a sea of emails on consumer phones.

Manufacturers see the app as a new and better advertising platform and would likely pay more to use it because they get more eyeballs and redemptions. This could generate income and better margins for the licensors. Retailers love the hyperlinks to increase their online sales 24/7 with several “touchpoints” with the call to action.

Merry’s marketing strategy is to partner/license with existing coupon companies which moves the software quickly into the market domestically and internationally.

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