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New York Opens New J&J Oriental Rug Gallery

New York Opens New J&J Oriental Rug Gallery

Newly opened for customers in New York city, J&J Oriental Rug Gallery has just opened its highly reputable service in New York City. The gallery comes as an expansion to the J&J business, with galleries operating in Washington and Virginia, where the original store opened in 1978. The owner, Joshua Nabatkhorian, is a fifth generation Persian and oriental rug maker and restorer whose expertise is second to none when it comes to giving your older, antique rugs a new shine.

Mr. Nabatkhorian says his love for rug restoration came from “my family. We were initially established in Isfahan, Iran, where the making of rugs is a commonplace art form. Since then it’s been our mission to celebrate the beauty and rarity of these rugs across the globe and help their owners understand how to care for them.”

A high-quality, unique rug is the perfect addition to any home, no matter the style of color scheme. They provide a high-end, luxury feel, a talking point due to their rarity and will brighten up even the dullest of spaces.

J&J Oriental Rug Gallery already has a portfolio of customers ranging from military officers to workers in the Pentagon. They provide remote evaluation services performed using photographs to determine the extent of damages and recommend cleaning techniques. They even offer a rug appraisal service costing just $50, which helps rug owners understand the value of their rugs and maintain their value through insurance, should anything happen to damage the rug.

All this happens right out of their in-house workshop. The New York Gallery has now expanded to include a larger parking lot, more display space, and a bigger working area. This gives the opportunity for more customers to look around and purchase an amazing rug but also gives Mr. Nabatkhorian the opportunity to reach out to a wider audience and salvage more aging rugs. The service specializes in fine silks and the best quality wool, using various weaves and knots to create and restore your unique designs without any sign of a repair.

“The new workspace has worked wonders for our business, and it has an amazing new look to match our style. We have been able to hire more staff to pick up and drop of rugs every Wednesday from locations much further away and we can also ship rugs from overseas safely for restoration. Where initially we focused on rugs in Philadelphia and Baltimore, we can now reach out much further and work towards taking the right action to restore each rug to its former glory.”

If you’re concerned about an aging rug and would like some advice, visit the J&J website here: https://jjrug.com/  to receive a free evaluation and pick up.

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