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Mumbai, Maharashtra Apr 27, 2021 ( – Magazine max is the art of Indian entrepreneurship and the new outlook of Indian entrepreneurs.

In India, there are about 59 million entrepreneurs right now, according to the latest report by google but it was observed that the increase of entrepreneurs in India majorly comes in the category of youngsters.

Yes, these youngsters at the age of 15- 25 years are redefining the art of entrepreneurship through their hard work and hustle.

In fact, the elders are nearly about 10 % of who are becoming entrepreneurs. The passion to become an entrepreneur is seen in these young kids more.

Many students at the age of school and college have become self-dependent and have even started supported their families in terms of financially. And among them there a few students who even become a millionaire at the age of 19, 20 and 21.

That’s why magazine max is created to help all the students who want to start their career as an entrepreneur. Through magazine max, they want to connect all the successful Indian creators, entrepreneurs, and developers to teach their skills, mistakes, and strategies to others who want to become like them in the future.


Because they know students have a crazy amount of passion for entrepreneurship but they don’t have the right skills and right mentors experience to learn with.

That’s why the idea of building such a community has a strike through their head in the name of magazine max.


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