Hridoy Ahmed Musical Artist From Dhaka Bangladesh

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Dhaka, Bangladesh Apr 29, 2021 ( – Hridoy Ahmed ( Born On 16 September 1994 ) is a Bangladeshi musical Artist.

He is an eminent individual in the current music industry.


He is endeavoring to spread his music wherever in the world.


He conveys various astounding tunes like Sad Fine, Hridoyer vitor, Golden deliverer, Golden rap xd, Gray fish fly, and many more.


Other than Bangladesh and India, he is acclaimed in various countries of the world. He started his outing in 2008. Since the beginning, he had an exceptional interest in music. So he entered the universe of music since right off the bat. Her dream is to one day spread her tunes all throughout the planet. Due to the Corona pandemic, he didn’t take off from the house and started broadcasting his tunes at home. He got check IDs in various spots recollecting Spotify and YouTube for his industrious exertion for an incredibly short period of time.


He as of now moves all of his songs and tunes his position YouTube channel ‘Hridoy Ahmed’


He is a youthful music writer, Guitarist, Lyricist, Writer, and essayist in Bangladesh.
His melodies got delivered from Smartlway records.


He has experienced childhood in Dhaka working with the entertainment world.


He contributed six bits of music to the Bangladeshi entertainment world and contributed in excess of 50 music collections.


From his youth, he needed to accomplish something else.


He is notable for his pleasing music. He has an enormous fan base among teens. His innovative reasoning and work style makes him not quite the same as others. He is 27 years of age.


At this age, he acquired such a lot of achievement in the music business, which is uncommon and an illustration of it.


He is a motivation among the Bangladeshi youthful age.


Numerous young people dream to resemble him.


He says that One Day I’ll take Bangladeshi music to the following level and Bangladeshi music will have a huge fan base everywhere in the world.

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Source :Smart way record

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