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Colorado, United States Apr 19, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – Considering e-mail marketing as one of the major aspects of marketing and business, MaaxMarket has come up with its latest e-mail marketing application, known as BounceKick. This is an all-in-one email verifier program that can be installed into your infrastructure easily. This application helps all kinds of business owners and marketers to sort and validate their emails. It widens the possibility of a high inbox rate and conversion. The best part is, this platform allows availing of the benefit without going through any monthly subscription. It’s a one-time investment plan that stays with you for the rest of the life.

BounceKick is the safest and fastest email verifier that goes every mail through the inbox whether it’s disposable mail, spam, or invalid emails. It is perfect for all kinds of businesses, startups, online agencies, and digital marketers where the growth of a business depends on targeted emails. Just like its name suggests it keeps the bounce rate under control. It also verifies the format of every email through syntax validation along with REST API to integrate with other third-party applications.

Use Bouncekick to refine your email databases and increase ROI by building positive business impressions and growth. Visit https://bouncekick.com for more details and click here to download the BounceKick Document

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