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About Woodward & Bernstein

Woodward & Bernstein is a quality press release organisation that is set up to provide online news coverage for business worldwide. The company has been in business for a short period of time, however, the expertise offered within the staff makes Woodward & Bernstein the top-level press release news publication platform for business.

The business is focused on providing quality features news coverage to enable local and national business to shout about the latest announcement within their company. Products and services need promoting to ensure growth. This is where press release comes in. We also provide a press release service where we focus on quality of news story as opposed to mass bulk publication of any and every press release.

Our featured press release offers huge value for money and is available to any business at our low rates

You can purchase a feature press release for your business with a one-off payment of just $60.

If you would like to purchase a standard press release, then we can offer this for just $10.

To take advantage of this amazing value, all you need to do is visit our contact us page and request one of the following: –

– A featured press release media pack

– A standard press release media pack

As soon as we receive your request, we will send you the details of how to pay and provide you with information on getting your press release published.

We publish directly on our website as you would expect, however, we also work with partner new sites and syndicate our customer sites onto their site and vice versa.

Woodward & Bernstein